End of week 1

I can recommend starting a new job with a public holiday on the friday 🙂 Its been a good week, but what with easter, Laurel’s brother arriving and a wedding today, a very disjointed one.

But I think we did everything we needed to do so that next week will run nice and smooth.

I’m still having a few issues with MARC merging page, its squishing repeating tags into one tag with repeating subfields … not exactly desired behaviour.

2 thoughts on “End of week 1”

  1. Anything new on your MARC merging page. I am trying to get a Linux machine up and going so I can install Koha here at my desk as well as the on the server that I use.(It is located 500 miles away.) Merging records is one of the hot points for my summer vacation. Wow, doesn’t that sound like fun.




  2. Yep, its getting there, its in testing with the library who commissioned it at the moment, and we working some bugs out. Pretty close though.

    Currently what it does is let you merge a record from the reserviour with one in your catalogue, choosing which fields you want from each.

    There is talk to expand it to allow it to merge 2 records in the catalogue together (not hard) and to allow it to merge more than 2 records together at once (much harder).
    I think the mulitple merge will be done with something like opencataloger.



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