No I wont pay your “I’m too stupid to budget surcharge”

For crying out loud, Easter happens every year, if you are too useless to budget for it don’t try to make me pay for your stupidity.
Petrol isnt 15% more expensive, neither is milk .. so why the hell do cafe’s think they can jack the price up. Seriously I hate McDonalds but at least they can freaking budget and not have to slam a 15% surchage on every public holiday.

3 thoughts on “No I wont pay your “I’m too stupid to budget surcharge””

  1. Yeah its a fairly recent invention in NZ too, stupid cafe and restaurant owners who see a chance to make some extra money, and stupid people who put up with it.


  2. The government bought in compulsory penal rates for everyone who works a public holiday. I think you have to pay time and a half.

    The thing is, it has been around for a while. And they should just accept it as part of doing business, plan for it and work it into the prices.


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