A few days of our lives.

Yes. I owe all of you emails. personal emails. some of which are nearly a year overdue. At 20 past 10 in the evening, I am sitting here trying to quantify what takes all my time and why I barely have time to read the emails let alone reply to them. I have come to the conclusion that my son (that feels weird to say) is a busybody and I am not. I try very hard to see the world through his eyes, but my energy can not keep up. I have discovered through many a cranky day at home, that the boy gets very easily bored with his mom at home, and would much rather be out in the world seeing and doing. That means I have been trying to find things to do out and about that don’t involve my favorite hobby of shopping (though he loves that too!). He squeals with joy with everything new that he sees, or that he remembers that he likes (like the dogs). The concentration when somewhere new is thick on his face that we rarely get smiles when out – too much energy extended away from his curious eyes. In fact, he is not keen on activity center thingies with lots to see and do as it seems to cause a crisis of overwhelming nature. Too much to do/see and not the motor coordination or ability to conceptualize time. We get little warning before we have a complete meltdown of tiredness resulting in very loud howls. So without further adieu, here is why you haven’t heard from me.

What we do during the day at home:
-sleep in (dear god thank you for making my son a night owl)
-practice rolling/tummy time/crawling… but prefers to just stand up – on his mom
-sit in the laundry basket in the laundry while doggies lick all over him and I de-puke/de-poo/ clothes
-practice sitting – again, preferably on mom
-read/eat books
-watch Tau Ke on Maori tv (he likes to watch anything that shows little kids or where he can hear kids), The View and Starting Over (and I’m not ashamed to admit it)
-practice eating solids and storing them in ears and noses for later snacks
-catching the ever moving cat’s tail and/or grabbing big chunks
-read/eat the mail
-grabbing mom’s hair
-sucking like a limpet on mom’s cheek/neck/eye socket
-play try-to-catch-the-stream-of-water in the bath
-10 minute naps
-eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat
-and subsequently poop pee poop

Because he likes to nap in the car, and gets bored with his scenery at home, we go out on most days for at least part of the day. Our suburb of Island Bay I’ve given the moniker of “Island Baby” because it’s all thirty-something couples with bubs. There’s lots to see or do and lots of others to do them with. If you want. I have a mild crisis of minds as to how “soccer mom” I want to become. So we do things like:
-go to the “Babes in Arms” sessions at the movies. Kahu loved Miss Potter

-Plunket “PIN” group (a group of local moms with babies the same age as yours)
-antenatal group reunions

We’ve just tried out the local music for babies group. I never thought I’d be caught dead in one of those things. I’ve come to the conclusion that babies love that shit and what the hell. Kahu just wanted to watch the other kids (if given the chance, this is a most favorite hobby). He likes to watch them then copycat. Lachlan taught him how to ‘flail’ and ‘haka slap’, and Baxter taught him how to throw a tantrum. We tried swimming today. 1$ altogether for both of us -can’t beat that price. The pool was too cold, so we’ll have to go do the kids (read:peepee) pool next time. We go to the library and drool on books. We go to the grocery store and shoplift (yeah, I found a can of baby food that I gave him to entertain himself – but found it when we got home!). We go for walks and find seashells etc. We go shopping at the dump store (Yes I shop at the dump – and LOVE it!) and yes, even on days when mom is so tired that she manages to lose (!) the hood for the pram somewhere, Kahurangi would rather be out than in…

So as you can see, we’re busy. It doesn’t look like much, but the house is never clean and I’m lucky if I have time to pee, so that tells me that I’m damned busy. Here are some photo illustrations:

Kahu in his swimsuit getting ready for the pool

…. and bundled up after the pool

Mom scored this original 1973 Fisher Price Activity Center (oh the memories…) at a garage sale – as part of a pick-a-mix-for-buck bag!!!! If only they had the pull-the-string “the cow says mooooooooooooooooooo” toy in nz!

Mom and Kahu go seashell finding

Kahurangi wanting to watch and play with the other kids from the antenatal class (or is that kicking them out). Luka, Lachlan, Oliver and Kahurangi

Oh yeah, and we’ve been slowly uploading videos to youtube (though they’re super dark). Some are quite old, but here ya go.

2 thoughts on “A few days of our lives.”

  1. The second pic down… Did you teach him to look that cool, or did that come naturally? 🙂 I love the smile and the “thumbs up!”



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