NYC Libray Camp Session 3

Green Librarianship

Started with introductions.

People talked about their frustrations.

  • Recyclables disposed of trash
  • Packaging, rolls of paper wrapped in plastic
  • Aerosoles.
  • Web based products, but backed up with printed manuals
  • Organization not conscious of the environment, styrofoam cups etc.
  • Printers that won’t print double sided.


  • Free research guide, practical but also tying into Philosophy, connecting with global community
  • Engage the profession at large, use existing networks/organizations
  • Reusable coffee cups, Columbia Health sciences library gave out free coffee mugs.
  • Fresh Aire initiative – Fresh Aire
  • Programs/Collections based around being green
  • Charges for printing
  • Myth of the paperless Office – Book
  • Use a wiki instead of printing out your drafts
  • Freecycle
  • Materials for the Arts
  • Allow patrons to bring in used printer cartridges, return them to a refill place for a discount/free refills
  • Green Line Paper
  • A green library wiki
  • More conferences like this, or even virtual conferences.
  • Rebrand book sale into reread sale .. its not just about books its about recycling.
  • Partner with other recycling agencies
  • Energy Star
  • Low or No VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) for furniture or paint (improves air quality)
  • Report bad air condition to OSHA
  • Use the biggest resource, the patrons. Allow green groups to meet in the library.
  • Use some of the existing networks, like Palinet, Incolsa etc to leverage buying power
  • Kilowatt meters – Kill a watt
  • Optional date due slip
  • Freegans might be willing to use unwanted items>
  • Set an example, influence the culture of an organization
  • Screensavers on reference computers

Green Librarian Organization

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