Exploring Downtown Philadelphia

Here is my mission for today

  1. Find good Coffee
  2. Buy some Aveeno products for Manaia
  3. Don’t get lost
  4. Explore the area around Market Street – tons of things to look at there
  5. Get to bed at reasonable time .. have to be at the airport by 5am at the latest tomorrow.

So far, Ive found good coffee, in this great little Italian cafe called Hausbrandt, on Walnut Street. I also found a CVS Pharmacy and got some stuff for Manaia.
On to the rest of the list.

One thought on “Exploring Downtown Philadelphia”

  1. please add the following to the list:
    6. shrink wrapped cheesesteak from pats – no onions
    7. 1 crate twizzlers
    8. 1 crate kraft zesty italian salad dressing
    9. 1 ikea store (you can leave the kitchen section. its boring)
    10. 1 baby gap outlet store (yes, i like my childs clothes to be made by OTHER children. you can’t see the sweat when he looks so gleamingly fashionable!)
    11. my husband back in one piece please with endless energy for babies


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