Surreal morning

So I got up at 5am today and sneaked around the house showering and getting dressed without waking Kahurangi or Laurel then walked down the hill to catch the 5.45am bus. Now the bus stop is right next door to the Island bay pie shop, in which the days pies were being baked. Consequently by the time the bus arrived I was starving, so when I got off at Newtown to change buses I went into the local Chinese bakery and fried chicken shop (don’t ask, it’s Newtown) to get a donut and a coffee.

While I was sitting at the bus stop I met the man who invented computers. He sat down beside me and was chatting and asked what I did. When I said I programmed computers he said. “I think I invented them, I was thinking one day, if we can have typewriters we can have computers, and now look they are everywhere”. He then bummed a dollar off me and went to buy a coffee.

Newtown, you gotta love it.

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