Enough with the dried yoghurt covered raisins

I specifically bought this brand of muesli because it didn’t have any stupid yoghurt covered crap in the picture. And what happens, I open the box, pour out a bowl and there are tons of the freaking yoghurt covered bastards.

5 thoughts on “Enough with the dried yoghurt covered raisins”

  1. Here’s what it says

    Wholegrain cereals (65%) [Rolled Oats, Flaked Red Wheat, Rolled Barley],Fruit (15%) [Raisins, Apricot Flakes, Coconut] ,Honey,Yoghurt Powder, Emulsifier, Oatbran sticks [Oat Bran, Glucose Syrup, Wheat Bran, Honey, Cinnamon], Sunflower seeds, Wheatgerm, Roasted Hazelnuts (0.5%).

    I totally missed seeing the yoghurt powder .. but still, if its gonna be a major part of the muesli why show everything but it in the picture.

    (I’m still bitter, can you tell?)


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