Friends tell friends to say no to campylobacter

So the blog has been quiet for a while, thats because i’ve basically spent the last 9 days in the bathroom.

Last weekend was Kahurangi’s first birthday party, so on Saturday I took him out to let Laurel have space to get ready for Sunday. We went to a school fair, and I ate something there that must have been left for 12 days to soak in a bucket of bacteria, because by Sunday I was shaking uncontrollably and sweating insanely.
Fearing infecting the other babies and families at the party I spent the day in bed, by Monday morning pretty much everything I ate in the last 17 years had been liquified and passed through my sphincter … at least thats what it felt like. Not pretty let me tell you. I slept Monday night on the floor of the bathroom, waking frequently to moan pitifully and drag myself to the toilet.

It’s now nearly 9 days later and I’m 10kg lighter and still not 100%.

Next time I’m just gonna eat the dodgy looking stuff, instead of trying to be careful, then at least I will have something to blame.

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