Koha 3 alpha is out

After a ton of hard work by a lot of people, the alpha version of Koha 3.00 was released. Here is the email from the Release Manager.

Hi folks,

I’m happy to announce that a packaged alpha release of Koha 3 is now
available. You can download from the usual location:


You can check the integrity of the package; either by verifying the provided
GPG signature (.sig) or by comparing the MD5 checksum:

4fbd715cc6cd197264bba12b53391e42  koha-3.00.00-alpha.tar.gz

I’ve also tagged this in Git as “version 3.00.00 alpha” v3.00.00-alpha

This is the first packaged release of Koha 3. Prior to the official stable
release of Koha 3.0, software issues, bugs, and unimplemented features must
be addressed. These are documented on Koha’s Bugzilla:


and organized on the 3.0 RM’s QA notes Wiki page:


The release notes for this alpha version are pasted in below, and will also
on the koha.org website sometime over the weekend.


Joshua Ferraro
Koha 3.0 Release Manager


Check it out, test it, report bugs .. send patches to fix those bugs. First patch sender gets a chocolate fish 🙂

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