Koha on hostgator.com

I spent a bit of time working on getting this going tonight, nearly there, I just have to do a couple more bits of configuration and I should have it all up and running.

The main stumbling block is not having git on the hostgator server, so Ill just have to make releases on my home machine and copy them over and upgrade. Not too bad. In fact I’ve set up a cron job to do just that. So ill have nightly releases here.


Getting yaz to compile on hostgator so I can install the Zoom module is proving to be a stumbling block.


Ok, hostgator won’t install Yaz, and without a c compiler its a bit tricky to do a local install, i’ll have to try a different tack.

5 thoughts on “Koha on hostgator.com”

  1. Please keep us updated to see if hostgator allow this kind of installation. Many people bought hosting accounts without knowing that it will work for them and would like to give an update for my readers.


  2. You should get a server from Server Intellect and run your own server. You wont have to worry about not being able to install your software. You can even run beta and tweak your machine so that your sites run perfectly. Plus you will never have to worry about another website taking you down because of lack of resources.


  3. I actually do run my own server at home. Lots of people don’t have the money and/or time to do that. So this was an exercise to see if I could install koha in a hosted environment.
    Installing it on a dedicated server is easy.

    Plus server intellect looks to be all windows machines .. which don’t interest me much. Thanks for the suggestion though.


  4. Hello,

    Did you ever get Koha installed in a shared hosting environment? We are currently trying to see if this is possible.




  5. Naw, I just run from the debian packages now, on a linode box. You can get it installed, if you have a helpful sysadmin at the hoster, but I found it was just less painful to get a vps.


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