I got POGS!!!!!

It was good to see some of you when i popped in last week to help mom reorganise her office (i’ve told her that paperclips are supposed to be in piles on the floor soooo many times… but she never listens!)

after many days of screaming, crying and whining, she finally caught on that i feel like i’ve been on the swing too long and that weird stuff comes out my mouth.

so she and dad took me to ED on monday night at 2 – they had a cool little house and people with their eyes closed (which i had to pry open for them) and some things called ‘pamphlets’ that were fun to throw around – it was so much fun that the doctor told me when i smiled at her that i was ok and if i was still sick that i could go to ANOTHER doctor in a few days!

well that was enough for me to make sure the rest of the night that i got to go to this other doctor place and play in the morning. so i screamed, rolled around and threw things, spit medicine and everything.

mom locked her keys in the car, so dad had to come all the way back from town in a car with lights on the roof while mom carried me and my big bag of stuff down to the doctor. he gave me a wooden stick and said “these are the days that make you wonder what the hell you were thinking having a kid.” mom said “yeah, chris said ‘i can’t do this again – no more kids!'” he said i’ve got chicken pogs. mom said the other doctor was dumb.

so i’ve been contagious for 4 days and will be for another week. that means i get to stay home with mom!!!! i love daycare, but jesse poos his pants and harmony screams a lot, so it will be nice to stay home and pull the cat’s tail and watch the doodlebops instead. i’ve already told mom that i can’t leave her lap by screaming when she goes to the bathroom.

oh yeah, and if you guys who i played with last week haven’t had chicken pogs, you might want to keep a look out cause it has a long incubation period. have a look on google for signs and symptoms. it makes you feel real bad! but if you want them, i’ve got some to share and i’ll lick you!


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