What happens when Kahu and Chris are home alone

So this weekend Laurel was teaching which meant Kahurangi and I had the weekend to chill out together.

On Saturday we had a pretty lazy day, one of the fun things that happened was when I was shaving I cut myself (not uncommon) So did the old tissue paper to stop the bleeding trick. As it was just Kahu and I at home I had him the bathroom with me while I was shaving. He’s at the age where he mimics most anything he sees, I didn’t notice at the time but when we got back in the lounge I noticed something different about his face. Check out this photo.

At least he didn’t mimic the cutting part.

On Sunday we went to the Zoo with the grandparents, then to a greek cafe and then shopping at the
Mediterranean food warehouse, as well as at the new Arabian food store. Kahurangi charmed his way into a free orange juice at the Arabian store.

All in all a tiring weekend but a fun one.

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