What a dick!

So it’s my first arsehat in a while. But a deserved one, how would you like to wake up in the morning, look at the paper and see this headline on the front page. “Pacific migrants ‘drain on economy'”.

Lovely, reading the article its full of gems like
“Of particular concern is the large Polynesian subculture whose educational achievements mean they will contribute very poorly in this regard,” Dr Clydesdale says.

“And because of high fertility and current immigration levels, New Zealand will have a significant population that can contribute little to economic growth.”

Lovely, lets just generalise a huge disparate group of people based solely on the geographic area they are from. I hope he puts out a paper on the land stealing tendencies of European immigrants next.

One thought on “What a dick!”

  1. when things are going wrong (or when ppl think things are going wrong), it’s easy and easier to find “someone else” to be the source of our problems.
    It’s probably as old as the world.

    And it’s exactly the same on this side of the world. Except here the supposed “high fertility & low contributors to economic growth” are Arabic ppl (Algeria, Morroco, Tunisia, formerly french colonies).


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