A fun but tiring weekend

This weekend we were babysitting Paretao, an 8 year old girl with a bunch of energy. Luckily Kahurangi loves her.

Paretao and Kahu

We went to the Mall and shopped for Jewelery for like 7000 million hours (Thats what it felt like to Kahu and I). Then Laurel and Kahurangi shopped some more while Paretao and I went to see Horton Hears a Who.

We also ate way too much icecream.

The next day we went to Te Papa (the museum) and tried to look at everything all at once. By the end of the weekend, both Kahurangi and I were tired out.


One thought on “A fun but tiring weekend”

  1. Jewelry shopping!!! You shoulda taken me along! I luv accessories lol. You forgot to mention you made rice krispies — kerry’s idea!! 😉


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