Decoration Fascination

So I’ve heard all about this Halloween thing and mom said we’re going to be in America for it and kiwi Halloween in NZ is poopey.  She said people give you free candy. And if you get the Stalter’s house you even get a drink! and one year it even snowed and her and Uncle Tom walked all through the snow on the golf course to get the good candy at Hidden Valley.  It sounds good to me, as I’m a bit obsessed with costumes at the moment.

At daycare they have lots of fun dress ups. Mom doesn’t like dress up cause she’s afraid I’ll get lice, but I get the teachers to put the Peter Pan costume on me most days. Last week they even had “Wacky Wednesday”. Mummum said she didn’t know what that meant. Neither did Daddy.  They should be more specific, cause most moms and dads did their kids with inside out socks, or spikey hair. Not my mom, she said “Wacky… that must mean upside down ice cream cones!”

Here I am with my ice cream cone head, “sprinkle” shirt and ice cream applique pants. All handmade on the night before cause mom forgot. Oh yeah, and Mom dotted my head with markers too. My shirt says “i scream you scream we all scream for ice cream”. I liked the hat. The other kids just thought it was my birthday. Daddy was just embarrassed at the whole thing.  Mom said don’t make fun, or next Wacky Wednesday I have to go as a pickle, a pole dancer, or centaur.

It was fun and I wanted to do more dress up. Mom said not until I learn to stop playing in the sink there and going through 6 shirts each day from wet sleeves.

Tonight I just had to make do with some scraps that mom had drying for her scrap bag. Check out this little number I put together while getting ready for bed (don’t mind the pancake in my mouth).

So what should I be for Halloween guys? My grandma was an ace costume maker, and Mom always won in the West View Halloween parade. Mummy says no plastic cheesey costumes, and no prepackaged anything – the Barr family is diehard when it comes to Halloween…

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