Software Freedom Day Wellington 2008

So I spent a decent chunk of my saturday at Software freedom day, and it was well worth it.

It was a really well organised event, with a really good turnout. There were 2 streams running simultaneously, the barcamp and the hackfest. I started off going to a session in the barcamp that was about “Starting a Free Software project” combined with people from Silverstripe talking about their experience releasing under the BSD License. Unfortunately, we didnt really touch on much other than talking about Silverstripe’s expericence, which was interesting, although I had one criticism that they kept saying Commercial when they meant Proprietary.

Nothing caught my eye for the second set of sessions of the barcamp, so I headed over the bridge to the hackfest .. and spent most of it checking out a new git clone of Koha to my wifes laptop. Note to self do this before the hackfest next time. But I did have a good chat with Francois so it wasn’t time wasted.

I then headed back over the bridge to the barcamp and to a session on Xapian , a very promising sounding fulltext indexing engine. Something I’m definitely going to have to have  a play with

I then had to head home, but would have happily stayed for more if I had been able to.

One thought on “Software Freedom Day Wellington 2008”

  1. seems to me git needs a tail command – because there are so few times that i want the entire history, and yet i put pull it down to get a working repo.


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