BibLibre installs Koha for free at a Training Centre

From this post and from talking to one of the guys from BibLibre, I gather that BibLibre have installed Koha for free at a training centre.

So this centre can now offer Koha training to it’s members. Koha will now serve as a framework for training librarians. Previously tools to train them, especially in cataloguing were lacking but since Koha supports the UNIMARC standard it allows librarians to train using real UNIMARC records and to learn practical hands on skills.

As far as I can tell from my limited french and the help of google translate, BibLibre will be maintaining the installation at no cost as well.

A great idea, and kudos to BibLibre for doing this.

3 thoughts on “BibLibre installs Koha for free at a Training Centre”

  1. Hi Cris, thanks for the post.
    To be precise : we host a koha instance for training purposes for library schools on our servers. At no cost for the school. Each school gets it’s own install. We just require that it be used only for training purposes, and not to manage the school’s own library.


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