Monday Morning Translation Stats

Username Language-Code Number translated
alen hr 191
gkatsa el 3852
Kaz tet 480
Agnes hu 57
rea1 el 6
katrin de 638
RobertH de 22
russel en_NZ 596
Hans nl 54
pabloab es 4
krishmp hi 2
Selmas1an tr 312
gulelat am 3
kristina hr 57
francofiorello it 4
ikranjec hr 572
tajoli it 8
beda de 437
mglavica hr 1652
stefanos el 63
hellen de 9
chrisc en_NZ 988
chrisc mi_NZ 28

Along with these existing translations, over the holiday break I received requests to add Hindi, Marathi, Mongolian, Bengali, and Thai. Bringing the number of translations being worked on for the Opac to 40.

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