More great Koha news from India

A few neat things have come up on the mailing list in the last few days.

The first one is where Koha is being presented.

The second one is K’s Helping Hand. A fantastic idea to help make it easy to install and use.

How it all started?

Prashant contacted me about wanting to setup Koha at his place of work, but they have no Internet access. We ended up putting together on discs, everything that’s needed to setup a server and Koha

Koha is infectious, and more people want it. So, we created some video tutorials and DVDs. Now, they are available to anyone that wants them…


This is our way of contributing back to Koha, spreading the word, and making sure more people can find and use this fantastic FOSS for libraries.

And lastly and announcement has just hit the list for A union catalogue of of public libraries in Konkan region Maharashtra, India.

We have five libraries to start with.We aim to cover as many of the hundreds of public libraries in the region as possible. The site is on Koha 3.0. Our heartfelt thanks  to the Koha community for making this possible.
Through it we also aim to help public libraries in the region to
automate and standardize their operations by helping them switch-to / install Koha, help them to migrate their data from other software to koha, help them convert their Indian Language catalouges into Unicode, train the staff to use koha for all library operations. Ultimately to interconnect all libraries on same platform.
Please do visit and let us have your feedback,
suggestions and help.

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