Librarians, Developers, Steaks, Baseball and good friends

Kohacon 2009 is nearly over, just one day left of the developers conference tomorrow, then just Paul, Nahuel and I will be left.

As far as I’m concerned it has been a resounding success, lots of faces put to names, tons of interesting presentations, and to date a very productive development weekend.

The highlights for me

  • The enthusiasm and excitement of all the participants
  • Galen’s sense of humour.
  • Staying up late chatting with people in the Holiday Inn dining room
  • Baseball!!!!
  • Meeting people I talk to on irc almost daily
  • Catching up with Paul again and meeting Nahuel

A lot of the other attendees have done great write up’s on the individual sessions so I encourage you do check them out.

There are a ton of photos on flickr here.

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