Unsung Koha Heroes Part 2

The Directors of Athens County Public Libraries

Most people that are familiar with the history of the Koha ILS will have heard of Stephen Hedges, but less will be aware how influential he was in the success of Koha in the North American library space. Without his leadership and willingness to be the groundbreaker as the first Public library to go with Koha in US who knows where we would be. Of course he had people in the library recommending and supporting that decision but ultimately the buck stopped with him.

Carrying on that tradition is the current director Lauren Miller who, by allowing the marvellous Owen Leonard time and resources to work on Koha, is continuing Athens County’s mutually beneficial relationship with Koha.

Out of Athens County Public Library grew Liblime and (please liblimers correct me if I’m wrong) they were Liblime’s first client.

So much respect to Stephen Hedges, Lauren Miller … and all the other librarians and staff of Athens County Public Libraries

2 thoughts on “Unsung Koha Heroes Part 2”

  1. They were also my 1st client : I started at self-employed on 2002, oct, 1st, and signed the contract on oct, 2nd.
    This contract was more than half my earnings of 2003.

    so, thanks a lot to Stephen Hedges, I confirm 😉


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