Unsung heroes of Koha part 5

Pascale Nalon

Paul talked about Pascale and Ecole des Mines in our History of Koha presentation at Kohacon. But I think it is important to recognise the role Pascale has played in spreading the adoption of Koha, particularly in France. As Paul talked about during the presentation Ecole des Mines is a very prestigious institution and by them adopting Koha it gained a lot of notice.

Ecole des Mines and Pascale hosted the first Kohacon in 2006 in Paris, Pascale also came to the developers week in Marseille offering lots of useful suggestions and advice.

Since then Pascale has been very influential in setting up Kohala (the french Koha users group, which as of writing this is blacked out in protest of the 3 strikes law trying to be passed in France) and translating documentation into French.

I may be butchering the French language, but I’m going to try anyway. Pascale, Merci mille fois

3 thoughts on “Unsung heroes of Koha part 5”

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  2. Thank you very much for this honor:-)
    I make a point of associating with it Francine Masson, which engaged me in the library of École des Mines, made me discover Koha and allowed me to devote time in a professional framework to it. Thank you also to whole Koha equip.
    It was a shame for me not to be with you at the last KohaCon.


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