Unsung Heroes of Koha – 10

The Staff at Horowhenua Library Trust

Most people familiar with the Koha ILS will have heard of Rosalie Blake and Joann Ransom from HLT who played the biggest roles in creating Koha. What people probably won’t have thought about is all the other librarians and staff at HLT who all played major roles in the creation of Koha. I’m not going to name names because I may accidentally leave someone out, and causing offence is the last thing these posts were designed to do.

But be it the circulation librarians explaining to me how they circulate books, or them putting up with the occasional segmentation fault of the underlying C code in the circulation interace. Or the acquisitions and cataloguing staff spending countless hours explaining how they work to a programmer who just seems unable to grasp it 🙂 Or just the bucket of Cookie time cookies I got given for Christmas one year. All these things, and many more like them, are reasons why Koha exists and is successful.

This morning I was listening to “The little things” from Trinity Roots … it’s main line is “It’s the little things that really matter” and it is true, it is and always has been the Thank You’s and the smiles that have kept me working on Koha.

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