Kahurangi sleeps over with Manaia

On Saturday we took Kahurangi out to sleep over with his cousin Manaia. It was the first time he has slept at his Aunty and Uncle’s house, and it went pretty well.  From what Donna has said they had a lot of fun and some pretty funny quotes came out of it. One of the best ones was when Julian was in his office using the computer and Kahu walked in and said

Move Julian, I need to do some work

They listened to Olivia (a story they both love) and were yelling “Olivia” so Donna said no yelling inside. So they went to the window and yelled at it, thinking that was yelling outside. They also made Anzac biscuits, Kahu loves baking with his Aunty, and eating the results of baking too.

They both went to sleep ok, but around 3am Manaia woke up and came to the room Kahu was sleeping in and knocked on the door until Donna let him in. So they ended sharing a bed until 7 when they woke up.

Today we all met up for Yum Cha and then the Wellington Orchestra doing a special concert for kids.

One thought on “Kahurangi sleeps over with Manaia”

  1. big thanks to all chris’ family who have allowed this annoyingly pregnant lady to get some toddler-free sleeping recently. my sanity, health, and general demeanor have improved greatly.

    and chris thanks you for his additional computer time without interruptions!


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