2 thoughts on “Safari day”

  1. what a great idea! and how cute is that third photo, OMG!

    i agree with your anti-cammo parenting decisions. en entomologist is so much cooler too.


  2. they actually requested the kids dress in camo! and did headbands and sunnies on one kid and called him ‘rambo’ all day… we are questioning our choice of childcare facility… when good ideas go bad – yay! a day where kids can look for wetas outside! and dress up like animals! fun for all! but wait… it’s ‘safari’ day. rather than jungle day… and there’s rambo. wtf.

    mommy is a bit too much into dress up and craftiness and sent him complete with compass, thermometer, magnifying glass and bugs in all pockets. there’s even a “canyonlands national park” pin on there ala his auntie abbi in utah.

    and the glasses were a last minute addition insisted upon on the way out the door. not meant to nerdify entomologists. kahu wears his ‘krasses’ (glasses) indiscriminately during the week. a few weeks ago he insisted on running around the house saying “where my krasses? i can’t see. i can’t read” ala his nan. so we dismantled mommy’s circa 1989 frames for him.

    the other kid in the picture is k’s best buddy from “‘cool” (school). they’ve been mates since the center opened in the baby room together. i must say k has great taste in friends!


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