Te Po Atarau has arrived

On perhaps the coldest day of the year so far, son number two decided it would be a great time to arrive. So after Laurel woke up at 4am, by 5.30am we decided it was time to head into the hospital. By 7am, Laurel was 6cm dilated and at 10.29am Te Po Atarau William Creed Barr Cormack was born.


After a few false starts earlier when he decided to really get going he sure didn’t muck around. He was 4.24kg (not a small fella) with all the requisite fingers and toes.


What does the name translate as?

1.(verb) (-ngia) To set (of the sun)
2. (noun) darkness,night

(noun) moonlight, moon

So Te Po Atarau – Moonlight night

William Haberfeld – First Immigrant to NZ on the Cormack side
William Hallam – Great Great Grandfather (Chris’s Mothers side)
William P White – Laurel’s Great Great Grandfather
William Aitken Johnston – Great Great Grandfather

William Creed, great great great Grandfather
Grandfather’s middle name

Kahurangi has met his little brother, and told everyone to be quiet because he is sleeping.

Fixing William P White.

Update 2
Adding some more William information

18 thoughts on “Te Po Atarau has arrived”

  1. Oh the video is great!!! Thanks for sharing, what an affirmation of family and tradition in his naming….for short you will call him??? 🙂


  2. Another job well done by the both of you. Nine more and you will have a cricket team. Laurel, you look as beautiful as ever and I am immensely proud to have another grandson. A correction on the “William” name though. It is William P. White, mom’s father, not dads. But with a name like Te Po Atarau, who’ going to notice. I love the name already and can’t wait to learn how to pronounce it!
    Anxiously awaiting to meet the new guy and see the rest of you. Congrats to Ian and Shirley too.



  3. Excellent news. Glad all the fingers and toes are present and correct. Hope you’re all doing well 🙂


  4. Congratulations to the whole family. Please tell Laurel she looks beautiful!!! I can’t wait to see a new family portrait!


  5. Belated congratulations to everybody – what a magnificent name. Hope all are well and settling in nicely. Love the stripey suit 🙂


  6. congrats!! it seems like yesterday that laurel was making the same noises and blinking the same blinks!!
    love to all,
    aunt candy and uncle pat


  7. Congratulations on the new addition to your family. He looks gorgeous. Aroha, Mark, Kate and Sylvia


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