Koha Unsung Heroes – Part 11

Laurel Barr – My Wife

Laurel has had no direct input into Koha but a huge indirect input. For being understanding when the phone rings at 3am to tell me the koha.org site was down. For accepting I need to bring my laptop to bed sometimes, or wake up at 3am to attend a koha meeting on irc. For letting me skip out on the family to fly from Pittsburgh to Athens, Ohio to visit with Liblime (even before I did my year of work there). For not even blinking when I said I needed to fly to Texas for Kohacon while she was 32 weeks pregnant with our second son. And for every night she has had to repeat something three times because I was busy typing something up for Koha on my laptop and not listening properly.

So a huge Thank You Laurel, Without your support I would have packed it all in.

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