This one is for Brendan, Owen, Joe and Jane

Who took Paul, Nahuel and I to a baseball game and explained the rules to us when we were in Texas for Kohacon.


Kahu now likes to play “spaceball” as he calls it, Im not entirely sure why you have to wear your hood while playing it, but apparently you do.

2 thoughts on “This one is for Brendan, Owen, Joe and Jane”

  1. Thanks for grouping me with the list of people who knew the rules of baseball. I’ll bet Kahu now knows the rules about as well as I do (I didn’t know the one about the hood!).


  2. spaceball has lots of rules, but we don’t know them all yet and not understanding has consequences such as vile screaming tantrums the rules also change at an approximately 3.5 minute interval.
    1) you must try to throw the velcro ball while it’s stuck in the glove. if tried to show how to do it “correctly” scream and stomp your feet.
    2) only mommy can throw the ball and take the ball out of the glove.
    3) mommy better have good aim cause catching the ball doesn’t involve moving your hand.
    4) saying ‘fro ball in tha ‘ky? nooooo. owsite’ (throw the ball in the sky? noooo. outside).
    5) become bored after 5 minutes and say “soccer ball?” instead.


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