3 thoughts on “What happens when daddy cooks dinner”

  1. He had just scoffed down a bag of dried fruit, and had eaten an apple and kasava chips. He also goes to a vegetarian daycare centre … I have to fill his quota of meat 🙂


  2. chris doesn’t ‘do’ veggies. however his cunning wife sneaks them in even when he thinks he knows what he’s eating. i.e. what he thought was last nights meaty meat meat filled bean and beef nachos… with pureed pumpkin in the mix. 🙂

    quite frankly if he made dinner every night, i’d eat bear pancakes and bacon every day.

    luckily his son takes after mom and loves the fruit and veg! what toddler do you know who voluntarily eats raw spinach with no dressing/sauce/etc??


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