What a weekend

A whirlwind trip to Christchurch, where it was lovely to catch up with some relatives. Meanwhile FUD was flying around about the Koha community. Enough about that though, here are some of the fun things that happened.

Kahurangi decided to kiss some trees when we were in Christchurch

Kissing Trees
Kissing Trees

Te Po Atarau went on his first flights, and was well behaved (even though he had a cold)

Chilling on the plane
Chilling on the plane

Kahurangi also came up with some good quotes. He was eating an ice cream and it started dripping. “Uh oh, I have a problem”.

Then we had noodles for lunch and sometime later in the afternoon, after having a tantrum about something and running off into the kitchen, he came back into the lounge with big tears in his eyes and his hands full of cold left over noodles. “My noonells”. It was pretty hard not to laugh and give him a speech about not taking food out of the rubbish instead.

2 thoughts on “What a weekend”

  1. Another beautiful baby boy. You guys must be having so much fun. I love the picture of Kahu kissing the tree..I think I will try it as I love trees also! We are both well…just trying to help Joe get free from being a homeowner. Love you all.


  2. Hi,

    At this stage I was investigating a story on Christchurch for our German travel guide to New Zealand when I stumbled upon your website. Actually, I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for. However, your article has given me inspiration for another story. In this respect: Thanks.

    Kind regards,


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