Changelog for Koha 3.2.0

This isn’t the authoritative list, Galen the release manager has a better idea than me, but this is what I think is going to be in the 3.2.0 release.

This was a question I was asked a few times, as the marketing coming out of Liblime was confusing people as to what is, and what is not in Koha.

So here’s what I know of

  • Offline Circulation
  • Callnumber splitting enhancements
  • Staff search results page enhancements
  • Email checkout slips
  • Hold request targeting
  • Overdue report enhancements
  • Default settings for patron notifications
  • Support for syndetics content
  • Holds on multiple items
  • Tag multiple items in the cart
  • Support for different OPAC interfaces, by url, so different libraries/branches can have different looks
  • OPAC display for UNIMARC using XSLT
  • Can now disable Amazon reviews, without disabling Amazon book covers
  • Many enhancements to patron messaging
  • Huge piles of acquisition enhancements, too many to list here
  • OPAC suggestions (checks the biblio doesn’t already exist)
  • OPAC suggestions allow hold to be placed if item is ordered
  • Searching allow stemming for other languages
  • Bulk changes to items
  • Moving items between MARC records
  • Lots of holds improvements
  • Allow borrowers to manage their privacy settings
  • System preferences big improvements
  • Labels rewrite
  • RFID support code
  • Patron group editing

This is just what I know of, and doesn’t include any partial features, so there is likely a lot more.

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