Koha 3.0.4

Thanks to a huge amount of work from Henri Damien Laurent, and all the other developers Koha 3.0.4 has been released. This is a bugfix release on the stable tree.

You can download the release from http://koha-fr.org/content/diffusion-koha-version-304

From the release notes

With Koha 3, version numbering has been changed to use a method similar to


* major:    one digit
* minor:    two-digit
* revision: two-digit
* build:    three-digit

This release of Koha 3.00.04 is versioned Every database change
or significant enough code change requires an update to the ‘build’ number,
and developers will be able to easily upgrade their systems using the built-in

Koha 3.0.4 Release :

This release of Koha 3.0.4 includes 634 patches with bug fixes :

Budgets were managed on receiveddate and not on orderdate

Auto_Truncation is managed in zebra
ccl query
Results display improved : adding better display for subtitles
Updating Amazon support

holdings support improved and holding queues
Branch transfer limits added
better use of CircControl and HomeOrHoldingBranch system preferences

xsl stylesheets for unimarc

Better support for LDAP connections

Privacy : name on suggestions removed and replaced by library name
basket and shelves improvements

Overall improvements
Much work on better XHTML compliance
Some work on sorting lists
Improving translatability of all the strings (xsl and js)

There is also a list of bugs fixed, the list is too long to repeat here, but it is in the Release notes in the tarball, or in git.


Changed link to where the correct tarball lives

2 thoughts on “Koha 3.0.4”

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  2. hi there, i’m wondering if this version has a windows release. my huge problem is that no one uses linux in our it staff, even i cannot handle this (using ubuntu on my own computer, but the koha install never worked for me)

    thanks, koha forever!


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