Unsung Koha Heroes – 16

Pierrick Le Gall

Pierrick was only in the Koha community for a short period of time but he made a lasting impression. With 22 patches to his name and 2021 lines of code changed he made a worthy contribution to development.

He also served as Translation Manager and briefly as QA Manager before the company he worked for stopped Koha work. The contribs.koha.org site is also run on software he wrote.

One thought on “Unsung Koha Heroes – 16”

  1. Hi Chris,

    I was in the Koha project for a much too short period (from 2006-03 to 2006-06). I would have really liked to make it last several years.

    Even if was there for only 3 months, I learned many things from the Koha project. I also had the huge opportunity that a KohaCon took place precisely when I was in the team. I remember it very well 🙂

    Have a nice day!


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