Fun long weekend

It was Labour weekend in NZ this weekend and finally we got some nice weather.

Saturday Kahurangi was staying with Nan and Koro, so Laurel and Te Po Atarau went out to the hutt to pick him via craft2.0 and savemart. That gave me time to catch up a lot of Koha bits and pieces I had been meaning to do. They stayed out there for dinner and got back just in time to put the kids to bed.

Sunday started with Kahurangi and I going to the markets and then to Te Papa, which is a fairly regular thing for us. We had brunch at the markets and then a late lunch at Te Papa after looking at Kahu’s favourite exhibit the cane-os (volcanoes). That afternoon Kahu and I went to pick up Matt who had tickets to the Phoenix game and went off to the game. Little did we know it was going to be the game of the season with the Phoenix thrashing the Gold Coast 6-0. Kahurangi got a little bit freaked out when the first goal was scored, but he soon got used to it and started yelling “Penix” and clapping madly and saying “Stand up daddy”.

Today was another chilled day, the highlight of the day was when Kahu was reading me a story before bed. We got to a page with 3 penguins, 2 adult ones and a baby one (complete with all the fluffy feathers). Kahu said “Mummy, Daddy and that fat thing”.

All in all a good weekend.

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