Quiet January so far

Apologies for the lack of blog posts, we haven’t even got around to doing a post about christmas yet. I think we are still in the post holidays haze, trying to get back into real life again.

I have a busy January and February coming up, with lots of Koha work to do, plus Linux Conf Australia, and Baacamp to attend. Should be fun and educational. Linuxconf.au is in Wellington this year, so will be home in the evening to help Laurel out with the kids.

Kahurangi starts at Kindergarten next week, which will be interesting, hopefully he settles in nicely. It is a really nice Kindergarten, brand new with great teachers so I think he will be fine. Te Po Atarau has 2 bottom teeth with more on the way so he is being a bit of a cranky pants, but apart from that he is mostly good.

We didn’t take many photos at all over the xmas break, so we are counting on some good ones from Laurels dad and brothers.

Well that’s about it from here for now, stay tuned for some good news about Koha in this part of the world in the near future. *Sneak Preview – Another Public library system is migrating to Koha in NZ*

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