PTFS acquires Liblime

Some big news in the Koha world today, as well as the fantastic news that Biblibre and Bywater are partnering to offer services in the US comes the news that PTFS have acquired Liblime.

Over the last year PTFS has grown into a participating and valued member of the Koha community. Its developers are active on irc, the mailing lists, and the koha wiki. Patches are regularly sent from PTFS for bugfixes and new features. The fact that PTFS is an active member of the community leads me to treat the news of its acquisition of Liblime with great optimism.

I am hopeful that this will mean that previously unreleased code will be released and that the community can work together advancing Koha for the benefit of all. This quote from the press release

PTFS has supported ILS solutions for 15 years and is committed to resolving community differences and advancing Koha open source library technology

leads me to believe that PTFS understand that the way forward is to be part of the community, with all the benefits that brings.

Congratulations to PTFS and I look forward to it’s continued and increasing participation in the growth of Koha.

6 thoughts on “PTFS acquires Liblime”

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  3. Eventually of course this did go through, but the optimism was unfounded, the fork remains unreleased and PTFS is increasingly more hostile to the developers.


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