Full git stats for Koha

So after the great article by Eric Hellman on his blog about the copyright to Koha code I decided to learn about subtree merging so I could combine the old koha repo, with the new one. That way instead of having the stats broken into 2 different ones, pre 2000 and post 2000, I can generate stats for the whole of the history of Koha.

Github has a great tutorial that I’m not going to repeat here. But if you follow it, you will end up with a repository that combines as many other repositories as you need.

So here’s the stats report. Some interesting things:

  • If you look at at the activity tab, you can see that we have pretty even coverage for all 24 hours of the day.
  • If you look at the general page you will see we average 3.2 commits a day .. doesn’t sound that much until you realise that is 3.2 commits average for 3755 days!!
  • Out of the last 32 weeks, there is a only a single week where commits dipped into single figures

So whatever might be happening elsewhere, main trunk development of Koha is as strong as ever. Tis good to see.

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