Today in a community meeting in irc it was decided to continue on with the koha-community.org domain and begin migrating things other than just the website to it.

From the email from Galen

The log of the meeting can be found at


I recommend that all members of the Koha community read through this
carefully.  Highlights of the meeting include:

* The draft rules for the Horowhenua Library Trust’s Koha Committee
have been assented to (with some revisions that were discussed during
the meeting) by HLT and the attendees of the meeting.

* As negotiations concerning the transfer of the US Koha trademark and
koha.org domain have completely stalled, we decided to adopt
http://koha-community.org/ as the main website of the Koha project and
to start transferring services such as the wiki, the bugs databases,
the Git repository to new hosting under the koha-community.org domain.

The next community handover meeting is scheduled for 19:00 UTC+0 on 6
April 2010.

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