Friday afternoon funnies

(13:37:27) lazza barr: atarau quite perplexed by baby doll
(13:37:33) chris.cormack: oh?
(13:37:44) lazza barr: starring at it
(13:37:48) lazza barr: patting its head
(13:37:49) chris.cormack: hehe
(13:38:00) lazza barr: lol and now hitting it with wooden mallet
(13:38:11) lazza barr: lol
(13:39:10) chris.cormack: lol
(13:39:15) chris.cormack: he’s awesome
(13:39:53) lazza barr: hes into that “must hit this with that” phase
(13:40:02) chris.cormack: hehe
(13:40:31) lazza barr: this morning he was hitting his own knee making the reflex kick him in the face

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