Code hits the wild

PTFS have just made a lot of previously unreleased code available in their public repository

This includes the just released ‘Harley’ branch. It’s great to see the code seeing the light of day, and now the release management team will have the fun job of integrating it for 3.4.0.  🙂

Congratulations to the people at PTFS who worked hard to get this code written  and released, and I’m sure there will be many an hour spent discussing how best to integrate it into mainstream now.

I have cloned the harley branch and pushed to both my home and work repositories.


Thanks to the awesome Galen Charlton (current Koha release manager) we now have a wiki page tracking integration of the code into mainstream.


Some great clarification on Koha releases.

One thought on “Code hits the wild”

  1. That’s great news, Chris, and an encouraging sign that things are starting to move in the right direction. Let’sI hope it continues!


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