Less than a month to Kohacon10

Well we’ve just ticked over into October here in NZ, which means in 25 days Kohacon10 will be in full swing. Visas have been obtained, tickets and hotels have been booked, and people from all over the world will descend on Wellington to share, learn, celebrate and all manner of other things about Koha.

I’m really looking forward to it, and want to say a big thanks to all the sponsors. In particular my employer Catalyst IT, who have not only sponsored the conference but have let a few of us at Catalyst do the organising on Catalyst time.  Speaking of sponsors, I’m tickled pink we have 3 Libraries sponsoring .. there aren’t too many conferences where ‘vendors’ and Libraries combine to sponsor so that attendance can be free. I think it is a great illustration of just one of the many intangible benefits of working with Koha .. the people who work with, and use Koha, love it and help each other out.

If you haven’t already registered there are still a few places left, but it’s filling up so register now. Do think about coming along on the Levin trip, you get to see where Koha was born and a mayoral reception … that doesn’t happen everyday.

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