Kohacon10 is finished

I thought it went really well, and I hope all those who attended felt the same. It was a long week with tons of things packed in to do.  Three days of conference followed by a trip north for Mayoral reception and Powhiri and finally 3 days of Hackfest.

Knowledge was shared, friendships strengthened, new friends made and spirits uplifted.

I didn’t even get a chance to pull out my camera, or to blog any sessions, Nicole of course blogged everything, check it out at www.web2learning.net and there are tons of photos on flickr.

I was going to list highlights, but really everything was a highlight, there was not one bad presentation … well except for that one Chris guy he was kinda under prepared.

Thanks to everyone who made it happen and thanks everyone who attended .. see you all next year in the UK right MJ?

7 thoughts on “Kohacon10 is finished”

  1. Kia ora! Great road-trip, great conference, great days off afterwards. Thanks to everyone who made this such a great time: organizers, speakers and attendees! I’d gladly do it all over again – perhaps for the 20th anniversary? or 15th? 😉


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  3. I only just saw this, which I guess hints at how much was waiting for me on my return. I thought there was an on-list discussion, but I only see one about timing. I’ll go ask on IRC.


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