New batch of Statistics

One of the developers at Liblime pointed out the fork occured a few commits later than I had thought. So I have rerun the statistics from the commit they suggested, up to the latest version available for download. For Koha that is 3.4.1 for Liblime ILS it is 4.2. So here goes.

For Koha I ran

git log -p -M --no-merges 3bab38c..v3.04.01 | ../gitdm/gitdm

For Liblime I ran

git log -p -M --no-merges 3bab38c..HEAD | ../gitdm/gitdm



  • Processed 3384 csets from 95 developers
  • A total of 10695168 lines added, 5209552 removed (delta 5485616)

Liblime ILS

  • Processed 768 csets from 35 developers
  • A total of 205406 lines added, 11388 removed (delta 194018)

And to appease any further complaints. We can rerun it to 3.2.0 (even though there are commits in the Liblime repo from well past the date that was released and the repo only went up last week) 3.2.0 was released October 22 2010.

Koha – from the fork to 3.2.0

  • Processed 2008 csets from 55 developers
  • A total of 3859221 lines added, 1952455 removed (delta 1906766)

Liblime ILS (up until October 22, 2010)

  • Processed 649 csets from 31 developers
  • A total of 197979 lines added, 9187 removed (delta 188792)

An interesting side product of rerunning the stats, is we can see the rate of work on Koha is increasing, since October 22 2010 there were 1376 changesets. Pretty neat.

One thought on “New batch of Statistics”

  1. Don’t forget, one of those Liblime stats comes from removing all the credits from the about page. If they want to bump up their numbers maybe they’d like to remove all the copyright statements too?


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