Using Koha and Citation management

If you are using Koha, obtained from the official site, you can use it with numerous citation management systems.

This is free software, so of course it should be any rational person’s first choice. To use Koha with Zotero just point your web browser to the page, and Zotero will automatically recognize the citation.

If for some mad reason you have to use proprietary software, Koha also supports

  • Endnote

To use Koha with Endnote download the record in “RIS” format. Depending on how your system is set up, Endnote might automatically import the file. Otherwise, you can import your citation by opening Endnote and selecting File->Import and then locating your file.

  • Refworks

With RefWorks you have two options. The first is to use the script described at – this is the easiest way for the patron, and is very easy to set up. Second, you can download the record in “RIS” format, similar to the way you did for Endnote, then choose “References,” “Import,” set Import filter to “RIS Format” and Database to “RIS Format UTF-8,” and select the text file.

There are numerous other citation managers as well, most of which will support importing from either BibTeX or RIS files. So as you can see the latest official releases of Koha support multiple citation management systems, which is a very useful tool for Academic and Special libraries.

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