Effective communication aka making your point without being a jerk

It seems like common sense, but all too often in the tech sphere people forget a really simple rule.

It doesn’t matter how correct you are if the way you communicate only serves to alienate those you seek to persuade.

Koha has fortunately been quite lucky in this regard 99% of the people involve understand that the project is about far more than code and that people are what really matters.

But it can happen anywhere even occasionally with Koha. It’s even more unfortunate when it is a goal people agree is well worth it. So people agree with the message but the delivery of it only serves to make people less likely to listen.

One thought on “Effective communication aka making your point without being a jerk”

  1. I just want to add that, when one side is not english native, there can also be some misunderstandings that could be the cause or some troubles.

    So, if you’re english-native, don’t forget some of us aren’t, and sometimes use words that you may find “hard” but are not !


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