Kohacon12 – My Highlights

To be honest, I could just write Everything! and that would be correct. But I will try to write up a few highlights of Kohacon12 for me.

  • I counted 18 countries represented, and I probably missed some : England, Scotland, Ireland, USA, New Zealand, Australia, France, Germany, Croatia, Nigeria, Zambia, Portugal, Switzerland, Greece, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Netherlands.
  • All the presentations were great, my personal favourite was Marcel de Rooy talking about SRU and Koha
  • 252 kittens saved at the hackfest, with even some people not present participating.
  • Norrie “Tago” MacIver performing for us, as well as the whisky, port and teacakes.
  • Meeting lots of people I have only talked to online, as well as catching up with old friends
  • The venue, what a beautiful venue .. and oh my .. what great nachos they had available.
  • Our hosts – they were utterly fantastic, no problems were encountered that weren’t overcome with aplomb.
  • And of course, the ‘hallway’ track (all the conversations when presentations weren’t happening) was fantastic as always. Evenings in the pub(s), chatting over dinner(s), watching France vs England with the great people from Biblibre .. all tons of fun.

One thought on “Kohacon12 – My Highlights”

  1. Everything, really ?
    I think you’re lying, there’s at least one thing that was badly organized: the weather. I think it’s a scandal that the organizing team could not do anything about that. Worst: the day with the more rain was the break day. couldn’t the queen do anything about that ? That was his 60years celebration just before the conference !
    So I will ask just one question: who should I ask to be refunded of the fees of this conference ?

    (just in case: I’m kidding, we had a very very good & usefull time in Edinburgh. all ppl from BibLibre were very happy. It was worth sending 7 of us !)


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