Choosing something to sign off

Yesterday I wrote a post encouraging people to sign off more, and then I was standing in the shower thinking¹ this morning about how I choose what to sign off. Here’s how it works for me:

I did a presentation at Kohacon12 called “It’s all about the people” and for sign offs this is still true. A majority of the patches I sign off on are done on my own time, so they need to compete with playing with my kids, reading, watching tv, talking to my wife, …. you get the picture. So a few factors come into play.

  • If the person who wrote the patch has asked me to sign off, I will try to do it as soon as possible.
  • If the person has signed off on a patch of mine, I feel obliged to sign off on one of theirs.
  • If the person signs off lots for others, I will feel more inclined to sign off.
  • If the patch is from a new developer, this jumps to the front of my queue.
  • If the patch fixes a security bug, fixes a blocker, or even is something I find really interesting it moves up the queue also.

But finally, in the it’s all about the people vein, I sign off for friends, which luckily is pretty much everyone in the Koha community.

How do you choose what to sign off on?

¹ Bonus points for picking the Artist and song title

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