How long does a patch take to make it into master?

Often in the Koha project, we worry that patches take a long time to get into master, this is a good thing to worry about, since it makes us look for ways to improve our workflow. But it is also worth noting that we don’t actually do a bad job.

Of the 462 bug reports created this year and pushed to master, the average time it takes a bug to go from NEW status to having all it’s patches pushed to master is 26.2186 days. The median is 13. That is from reported, to committed to the master branch. So while we have some outliers pulling that average up, in general we are doing pretty well.

2 thoughts on “How long does a patch take to make it into master?”

  1. Yes, it’s looking at all bugs reported this year, that have been pushed to master, it doesn’t care what severity they are.


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