A tale of 3 cities

Today Kathryn (a project manager at Catalyst IT) made her first patch for Koha. This in itself is pretty neat, it is her first patch for a Free Software project ever, and her first time using git. The patch itself is not super major, a typo fix in a template, but what makes the whole thing neat was the timeline.

  • 4.07pm NZST – Kathryn installs git and clones the Koha repository
  • 4.25pm NZST – Kathryn finds the typo and fixes it
  • 4.37pm NZST – Kathryn registers at bugs.koha-community.org
  • 4.52pm NZST – Kathryn formats a patch and attaches it to bug 7368
  • 4.55pm NZST – Katrin (in Germany) tests and signs off the patch – yes you read that right, 3 minutes later!!
  • 6.32pm NZST – Marcel (Netherlands) one of the QA team marks the patch Passed QA.

So from not having a git checkout of Koha, to having a patch passed QA took 1 hour and 25 minutes, and involved people from 3 different countries. Call me lame if you want, but I think that is pretty cool

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