2012 and Koha by the numbers

I generated these statistics on december 17, so they may change slightly, I will update them if they do. 2012 was another big year for Koha, here’s a summary.


  • Kohacon12 was a great success as was the Hackfest, which you can see from the scoreboard http://scoreboard.koha-community.org/
  • We now have a dashboard http://dashboard.koha-community.org/
  • Koha in 3.10.0 works with either Zebra or Solr
  • The community has decided to release 3.12.0 and following releases GPLv3+
  • Hackfest in Marseille
  • The first ever Koha workshop in Germany (Stuttgart)
  • New interface (responsive design) available in the OPAC for 3.10.x and later
  • Staff interface revamp in 3.8.0
  • RDA framework


  • We did 2 feature releases, 3.8.0 and 3.10.0
  • 1 release of 3.4.x
  • 7 releases of 3.6.x
  • 8 releases of 3.8.x
  • 1 release of 3.10.x

Git Statistics

  • 2250 commits to master
  • 245 commits to 3.10.x
  •  531 commits to 3.8.x
  • 486 commits to 3.6.x
  • 1,667,013 lines added, and 1,506,426 lines removed

Bugzilla Statistics

  • 2526 bugs marked ‘Needs Signoff’
  • 365 didn’t apply cleanly the first time
  • 1828 were signed off
  • 1379 Passed QA
  • 730 Failed QA (subsequently were fixed and passed)
  • 1593 were pushed to the master branch
  • 626 pushed to stable branches


  • 85 Developers
  • 33 new this year

Random other stats

  • 3506 mails on the main Koha list
  • 292,857 lines written on #koha IRC channel


(Updated to add another developer)

3 thoughts on “2012 and Koha by the numbers”

  1. Hello Chris, Thanks for the stat. I disagree with this sentence (unfortunately): “Koha in 3.10.0 works with either Zebra or Solr” which is a shortcurt. Koha is know able to switch between search engines but there is a looooot of work to do (zebra refactoring and after only introducing more solr devs) to have more than a poc (or maybe I musunderstand with either xx or yy”).


    1. Well it works fine with Zebra, and you can make it work with Solr by switching the sysprefs. Authorities aren’t yet working with Solr, but a basic search works. Zebra is still the most feature rich in 3.10.0 though you are right.


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